NYSE/NYSE Amex Alerts enhancements to support SEC Rule 201 Short Sale Restrictions effective on Monday November 10,2010

In Brief: NYSE/NYSE Amex Alerts enhancements to support SEC Rule 201 Short Sale Restrictions Monday Nov 10
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Tue, 10/05/2010


NYSE Technologies would like to inform you that as a result of SEC Rule 201 regarding Short Sale Restrictions, enhancements will be made to the Alerts datafeed.  Beginning on Monday November 10, 2010NYSE Alerts and NYSE Amex Alerts will be modified to support a new message type (msg type 125 - Short Sale Restriction Indication message).  

Summary of changes 

NYSE/NYSE Amex Alerts 
A new message type 125 - Short Sale Restriction Indication message - will be added to the NYSE and NYSE Amex Alerts datafeed.This new message type will be sent during any of the following situations:


  1. A  Rule 201 price test has been triggered because a transaction in a listed security has occurred at a price (Consolidated last sale) 10% or more from the previous day's closing price.
  2. The morning after the Rule 201 price test has been triggered denoting that the Short Sale restriction is still in effect
  3.  When the Short Sale Restriction has been removed




The new format changes will run in parallel to the existing NYSE Alerts format until Mid-December.   Customers who would like to receive NYSE/NYSE Amex Alerts with the new message type should subscribe to the Test Production IP addresses during the parallel period.  An announcement will be sent out in December at the end of the parallel period informing customers to switch to the Production IP addresses. 

A link to the updated spec is found below. 

Specifications can be found at:
NYSE Alerts Customer Interface Specification 
NYSE Amex Alerts Customer Interface Specification 

Frequently Asked Questions
FAQs about SEC Rule 201 Short SaleRestrictions are available on NYSE Trader  FAQs for SEC Rule 201 

UAT Testing 
Test data will be available starting Monday October 11, 2010 in the UAT environment.

The UAT test environment is a new intra-day test environment available from 9am to 5pm using replay data. All new releases will be available in this environment. To access the environment, existing users who are enabled for test IPs simply need to request access to the environment by sending an email tosftiorders@nyx.com or contact your account manager for more details. 

Further details on NYSE/NYSE Amex products including additional technical information is available atwww.nyxdata.com

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