Market Data Web Services NYSE RRP

NYSE Real-Time Reference Prices provide real-time, last sale prices in NYSE-Traded Securities, across Tapes A, B, and C. There are no reporting requirements for this data feed as it is specifically designed for financial website portals.

NYSE RRP allows distribution of a last sale data product for reference purposes on websites at a low cost that would facilitate distribution to retail investors and relieve vendors of administrative burdens. NYSE RRP is an alternative to delayed prices and is not intended for use in trading decisions.

With NYSE Real-Time Reference Prices, customers can quickly and easily pull the data they need into their software applications and websites using flexible, fast APIs. The new service frees customers from software, hardware, connectivity, and other infrastructure requirements for retrieving data, allowing them to simply request the data they desire, when they need it, in an easy-to-use format via Market Data Web Services.

Real-Time Reference Prices Exhibit A

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Product Guid: 
  • Per Request Fee


  • Fee Cap
    Direct and indirect customers

    $25,000 / mo.
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