Euronext All Indices

The Euronext All Indices product provides real time index data for Euronext Indices.

Euronext All Indices provides complete market data for over 300 real time Indices compiled by Euronext including the key national indices for the Euronext markets, namely the AEX® , Bel 20® , CAC 40® and PSI 20®; Strategy Indices provides market data for Covered Call and Protective Put Indices and Euronext Volatility Indices capture implied volatility embedded in the prices of out of the money Index Call and Put options available via Liffe.

The Euronext All Indices product includes the following:

  • AEX®
  • Bel 20®
  • CAC 40®
  • PSI 20®
  • Euronext 100®
  • Next 150®
  • Strategy Indices
  • Volatility Indices
  • Sub indices

    We offer low latency, high-performance data feeds using multicast technology, and providing pre-trade and post trade data for the Euronext Cash Equity Market.

    Real time market data for Euronext is distributed via low latency direct feeds (XDP) and through authorised data vendors. XDP feeds are available over the Secure Financial Transaction Infrastructure® (SFTI®) network.

    To learn more and select the right solution to suit your situation, please contact the Euronext Global Market Data Licensing team at:
    Call: +31 20 550 4477

  • Product Guid: 
    • License Fee

      €440 / month

    • License Fee Delayed

      €220 / month

    • Device Fee

      €10 / month

    Included Data:
    Market Covered
    NYSE Euronext
    Instruments Covered