SuperBook Aggregated Order Book

Global pre-trade market data in a single order book

Investment firms exploring the benefits of automated trading, increasingly rely upon the power of the smart order router (SOR). Trusting your SOR to make accurate decisions requires supplying it with a complete picture of an asset’s potential liquidity, across all venues. Gathering all that market data can be a costly proposition, and wind up robbing your SOR of resources better spent on analysis and execution.

SuperBook from NYSE Technologies collects the pre-execution data necessary to optimize smart order routing. It provides investment firms with an aggregated, comprehensive order book at the speed of a direct feed. SuperBook utilizes NYSE Technologies Direct Feed Handlers and Middleware Agnostic Messaging API™ (MAMA™) — our standardized interface — to streamline data collection, by eliminating the back-end coding complexities often associated with disparate venues. And SuperBook provides ready access to multiple venues, so technologies managers can enjoy the benefit of rapid time-to-market when strategies call for greater market-depth.

NYSE Technologies combines a uniquely-broad market reach with the dedication to provide only high-performance feed handlers. That synthesis enables us to furnish the wealth of pre-execution data your SOR needs to stay sharp and focused on executing profitable strategies.