Exchange Data Publisher

Exchange Data Publisher diagram

The future of market data dissemination

Both buy-side and sell-side participants depend on an exchange venue to deliver reliable, real-time market data. A ballooning amount of information in an increasingly fragmented trading landscape makes disseminating that data a serious challenge. You need a rock-solid system to acquire, integrate and publish real-time data as quickly and accurately as possible.


The Exchange Data Publisher (XDP) was built to help Multilateral Trading Facilities (MTFs), alternative trading systems (ATS) and inter-dealer brokers (IDBs) all find the most efficient and cost-effective way to achieve that goal. This combination of innovative products consolidates market data from multiple sources and normalizes it through one high-performance format. By allowing your venue to create, manage and disseminate data in product sets, XDP helps ensure that delivery is fast and data is recoverable. And the flexible, scalable platform helps your customers tap new revenue streams to grow their businesses.

Experience the power and peace of mind you get from a reliable market data distribution platform – the same system NYSE Euronext relies on every day.

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