Appia Expands Its FIX Capabilities

New management interface allows users to build, maintain, and monitor FIX infrastructure without the help of specialists.

FIX Marketplace Services

Join the largest FIX-based trading community in the world, and improve your ability to create wealth for your clients.


Strengthen your foundation for sending and receiving electronic trading-messages throughout the global marketplace.

Managed Trading Connectivity

Shift into top-gear with a powerful way to manage your transactions that keeps pace with high-frequency trading.

Market Solutions

Surpass your venue’s strategic goals with the combined infrastructure and risk-management strengths of our managed services.


Get a comprehensive introduction to FIX in a one-day, on-site session.

Data Fabric: messaging software for next-gen hardware.          


Solutions for systematic traders—direct access to more matching engines.


Our solutions for broker-dealers could streamline your access to quality market-data, and improve your ability to guide the buy-side.