FIX Marketplace Services

Reducing time to market. Cutting costs. Simplifying workflows with access to cutting-edge services.

It was in response to these client challenges that NYSE Technologies launched the FIX Marketplace in the mid 1990s.

This unique community consists of buy-sides, sell-sides, and vendors across the globe that collectively makes up one of the industry’s broadest and deepest FIX-based electronic trading communities.

Leveraging a robust FIX infrastructure, the Marketplace offers the buy-side access to 700+ sell-side participants and a variety of trading services, either directly or through partnerships, over fully managed channels.

For 750 buy-side firms, we carefully manage and maintain over 14,000 channels to ensure reliable services when you need them most.

Behind the scenes, NYSE Technologies handles all the intricacies of electronic trading for you. Our “concierge” client service and support handles all of the circuit and application connectivity, message translation, counter-party certification, and more, needed to make our community run so that you can focus on the trading opportunities at hand.

Essentially, the Marketplace is fueled by the strength and size of its membership. If you leverage our community to the fullest, you’ll benefit from the multitude of opportunities that come your way. While NYSE Technologies uses its 16+ years of FIX expertise to play the role of the facilitator in this web of relationships, it is our members who truly have the power in their hands.


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