Your business is electronic trading. In your global marketplace, the common language for communicating transaction messages is Financial Information Exchange (FIX).

While use of this protocol opens doors for your firm, managing your FIX infrastructure can become a daily burden that consumes time, money, and talent. Success depends on a reliable system that can deploy business intelligence, alert you to problems when they arise, and execute trades across multiple markets securely and in an instant. Running a multi-vendor solution pieced together over the years is complicated and cost inefficient.

NYSE Technologies has a variety of solutions to help optimize the transactions workflow and address these challenges:

  • The Appia FIX Engine is a fast and reliable solution for sending and validating FIX messages across multiple platforms, desks and asset classes around the globe. 
  • The Appia Business Centre empowers front office users to manage their FIX connectivity without the support of specialists. 
  • TradeScope allows you to keep a constant eye on your FIX environment and proactively uncover trading issues that need immediate attention. 
  • Xilix is an intuitive DMA trading platform providing access to 246 direct broker destinations, across 14 markets in Asia. This flexible, easy to use product enables multi asset class trading through a single multi-lingual user interface.

This comprehensive array of software products and services was designed to work together to give you a stronger competitive advantage. 


Appia FIX Software

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XILIX - Execution Management System

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