SuperTrade™ Aggregated Trade View

A birds-eye view of real-time trade execution across the entire global marketplace

Financial firms frequently have to contend with the lack of transparency in splintered markets and new execution venues. When that challenge is compounded by the confusion of different venues employing varied symbols to identify the same instrument, it becomes difficult to gain an accurate perspective on liquidity.

SuperTrade™ cuts through the clutter. By offering real-time access to all monitored trades, this sophisticated software from NYSE Technologies provides high-frequency traders a consolidated view of post-execution trades throughout the global marketplace. It seamlessly translates instrument identifiers into one, consistent language.

Using SuperTrade™ to monitor trading activity across a multitude of trading venues can aid faster discovery of price movements and momentary liquidity displacements, allowing high-frequency traders to quickly identify profitable opportunities. This information can be collected by any NYSE Technologies Middleware Agnostic Messaging API™ (MAMA™) or Middleware Agnostic Market Data API™ (MAMDA™) client, at any stage of the trading day.

When your prosperity depends on the ability to spot even the slightest ripple of liquidity in the most remote trading venue, informed decisions are essential. By putting the facts at your fingertips, NYSE Technologies' SuperTrade enables you to eliminate the guesswork.