TAQ NYSE Arca Europe Reference

The TAQ NYSE Arca Europe securities published on the NYSE Arca Europe real-time data feed.

This product allows clients to retrieve full referential data to support data received in real-time ticker plant environment.

The NYSE Arca Europe product includes the following:

  • All securities listed on the NYSE Arca Europe MTF platform; including the most liquid stocks on 13 pan European markets and the US

    TAQ data is presented in a normalized ASCII pipe-delimited file format. Files are compressed using GZIP, and are provided to clients on a T+1 basis.

    The following are related NYSE Arca Europe historical data products:

    TAQ NYSE Arca Europe Level 2
    TAQ NYSE Arca Europe Level 1
    TAQ NYSE Arca Europe Trades

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    Email : acctmgteurope@nyx.com

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