Real-time, unified view of Level 1 market data

NYSE BQT Data Feed Launches

Best Quote & Trades provides real-time, unified view of Level 1 market data

Consolidated Data - SuperFeed™

Access data from major US, European and Asian markets in a single normalised format.

Data Distribution

Get the tools to gather, organize and analyze your market data with ease.

Data Administration

Optimize your data-spend and ensure compliance with our monitoring and management resources.

Data Products

Gain the advantages that can transform your market data from an expensive investment into a lucrative one.


New version of product data feeds available in certification from 17 Oct 2011.

Data Fabric: messaging software for next-gen hardware.          


Our solutions for broker-dealers could streamline your access to quality market-data, and improve your ability to guide the buy-side.


Visit our Market Data website to find news and information about products that provide you access to real-time data feeds.