Market Liquidity Hub (MLH)

MLH is Asia's foremost cross border FIX enabled trading network, integrated into the portfolio with the acquisition of Metabit by NYSE Technologies. MLH provides direct access to all DMA markets in Asia, with embedded intelligence.

Physically located in Asia, MLH provides for the lowest latency access to market liquidity across multi-asset classes and takes full consideration of local market requirements.

MLH has its own network in Asia with Virtual-MLH access points in major financial locations across Asia, Europe and North America to provide truly global coverage.

While many clients access MLH through Xilix, MLH is open and vendor-neutral and supports integration with any FIX compliant trading application.

Clients can also benefit from an embedded algorithmic trading engine.

Key features of MLH's modular architecture are:

  • Streamlined OMS optimized for direct market access 
  • Comprehensive buy side compliance checks and monitoring 
  • Audit trails and reporting functions 
  • Embedded algorithms 
  • Direct access to 14 DMA markets in Asia and over 200 broker algorithms 
  • Position Management with P&L 
  • Market Price, IOI, and Loanable Stock feeds 
  • FIX order routing (FIX versions 4.0 and above) 
  • Integrated with US and European FIX networks 

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