SFTI Connectivity

The SFTI® Network

NYSE Technologies created the industry standard for one of the highest-performance, lowest-latency global networks: the original Secure Financial Transaction Infrastructure (SFTI). The SFTI network was launched in the U.S. to provide a resilient backbone for securities trading across a number of venues, and has since been launched in Europe and Asia.

SFTI gives you a single point of connection to a wide array of markets, through infrastructure reliable enough to power every NYSE Euronext market around the world. With over 1,600 potential counterparties and a wealth of third-party markets, SFTI is one of the largest networks in the world.

With a choice of connectivity options to suit individual needs, customers can reach the entire NYSE Euronext global community on the SFTI backbone, using the advanced data management capacity of SFTI IP (via the Americas, Europe and Asia) or can avail of the lowest latency to our markets by colocating in our Liquidity Centers.

NEW: Introducing SFTI® IP 5Gb Service

  • Minimize the risk of gaps in market data during trading hours 
  • Take larger uncompacted market data feeds 
  • Future-proof your capacity to support projected market data growth

        Available at the following locations:

  • All SFTI® Access Centers (NY Metro area and Chicago): 165 Halsey, 111 8th, 32 AofA, 360 Hamilton, 111 North Canal
  • Proximity Centers: Weehawken and Chicago (350 East Cermak)


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