Common Customer Gateway

Common Customer Gateway

The speed of single-point access, with the security of risk management

For an exchange venue, the challenge is to provide traders with high-performance connectivity at minimal risk. Your clients demand ever-increasing transaction speeds across multiple platforms. They rely on you to not only facilitate but monitor their transactions, and keep them safe.

The Common Customer Gateway (CCG) empowers your exchange venue to deliver on that promise. To speed and simplify trading, CCG provides a single point of access for brokers and their clients, whatever their trading platform. Buy-side traders and broker-dealers can take advantage of the fact that the Gateway supports multiple message formats, enabling connectivity to a far wider trading community. It uses persistent messaging throughout the life of a trade, reducing the risks associated with lost connections, failovers and format discrepancies. The Gateway also offers extensive in-line risk-assessment options and risk-management features such as Drop Copy, so you can feel secure as your exchange venue grows.

After all, your clients’ world is full of risk and complexity–their point of connection shouldn’t be.

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