NYSE Technologies Sharpens Asia Focus

NYSE Euronext Accelerates Growth in Asia with Strategic Acquisition of Metabit

Metabit, a leading Tokyo-based provider of high performance market access products throughout Japan and Asia, was acquired by NYSE Euronext on September 1, 2011. Click here to read an interview with Laurence Thiery in the latest issue of TRADE Asia on NYSE Technologies’ strategy in Asia.

About Metabit

Built in Asia for Asia, Metabit’s portfolio of products has been designed exclusively for low-latency DMA trading solutions and exchange connectivity to markets in Asia, connecting buy side order flow with sell side exchange participants.

Skilled with in-depth experience and understanding of financial markets in Asia, Metabit specializes in streamlined, low-latency technology solutions that enable industry-leading access to financial markets across Asia.  Metabit’s products connect buy side order flow with sell side exchange participants and are designed exclusively for low-latency direct market access (DMA) and exchange connectivity to markets throughout Asia.

About Metabit’s products:

  • Metabit Liquidity Hub (MLH) – Asia’s foremost cross-border FIX enabled trading network. MLH provides direct access to all DMA markets in Asia with embedded intelligence
  • Xilix – Intuitive Asian DMA trading platform for institutional buysides providing access to 246 direct broker destinations across 14 markets in Asia
  • Alpha - Unrivalled, ultra low-latency exchange connectivity solution, offering the sell side a lightweight order management system optimized for processing DMA order flow
  • Exsim - Comprehensive simulation of exchanges in Japan and Asia frees the sell side from the constraints of the exchanges’ standard testing facilities. Independent of geographical location and time zones 

For more information, please contact:

Tokyo: +81 (3) 3667 4722
Singapore: +65 6501 4100
Hong Kong: +852 3973 6457

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