Systematic Traders

Set The Trend

You are the market-maker. Your skill at controlling rapid, large-volume trades — coupled with a disciplined, quantitative approach to risk — brings critical liquidity to the marketplace. The goal is clear: capture more return for less risk. Attaining that goal depends on complex and innovative algorithmic strategies — and the speed to execute them in the blink of an eye.

Any Asset Class, Anywhere

The SFTI® network provides fast connection to worldwide markets, with the bandwidth capabilities to handle the most demanding volume requirements.

Colocation at our Global Liquidity Centers empowers your firm with lowest-latency possible to the NYSE Euronext matching engines.

Access Market Data Faster

The Hosted Ticker Plant provides reliable access to market data in real-time across a single, ultra-low-latency network.

Faster Infrastructure

Market Data Platform is a new market data ticker plant technology built on top of the Data Fabric™ middleware--designed specifically for high volume, latency sensitive markets.

Operational Efficiency

Hosted Transactions Hub is a fully managed, hosted solution that addresses your connectivity, infrastructure and market-data needs.

NYSE Technologies offers a range of deployment solutions to suit your business--including Compute On Demand: a managed infrastructure solution scaling up from a single server to suit your growing requirements.

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All HFT participants need a fast and reliable trading infrastructure, and many strategies are highly dependent on the lowest latency.


NYSE Euronext Data Centers provide one cutting edge technology infrastructure to create  the highest performing capital markets with more breadth and more liquidity than before. 


Ian McIntyre from NYSE Technologies presents the new, ultra-low latency consolidated feed services, SuperFeedTM, a superior way to source market data from third parties.