NYSe Technologies Community Platform

Power of the Cloud

Powered by industry leaders VMware and EMC, the NYSE Technologies Community Platform simplifies market access, speed to market, and reduces friction for financial firms.

Hosted Transactions Hub

Profit from the freedom and connectivity that fully-managed trading infrastructure affords.

Hosted Buyside Services

Gain the advantage, with a fully-managed trading platform that's hardwired to the global marketplace.

Hosted Ticker Plant

Capture and normalize all your global market data, with a single, fully-managed system.

Hosted Markets

Build a unique matching engine, and launch it across an established global network.


Feargal tackles misinformation in his latest post.

Solutions for systematic traders—direct access to more matching engines.


Our solutions for broker-dealers could streamline your access to quality market-data, and improve your ability to guide the buy-side.


Visit our Market Data website to find news and information about products that provide you access to real-time data feeds.