SFTI Liquidity Center Network (LCN)

SFTI Liquidity Center Network

The lowest-latency connection to the NYSE Euronext global marketplace

When your firm’s core business is algorithmic trading, success is measured by the ability to discern emerging trends and execute block trades microseconds ahead of your competition. Colocation is a vital part of that strategy, and it needs to be coupled with the lowest-latency connection to matching engines.

Our SFTI® Liquidity Center Network (LCN) is just that - the fastest connection to the NYSE Euronext global marketplace. It’s an ultra-low-latency network - unique and dedicated to the NYSE Technologies' Global Liquidity Centers - providing colocated customers the fastest path to NYSE Technologies Common Customer Gateway (CCG) and a direct connection to all NYSE Euronext matching engines and market data. In addition to speed, SFTI® LCN offers high-frequency traders, institutional investors and broker-dealers the benefit of a highly redundant network that optimizes a number of resilient and physically diverse pathways to the heart of the market.

Creating cutting-edge algorithms requires the capacity to instantly scan as many markets and liquidity pools as possible. SFTI® LCN furnishes your firm with the fastest connection to NYSE Euronext matching engines, so you can spot opportunity faster.